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  1. Is this some type of new ritual in Millwoods? I bet they place HUNDREDS of these in the park and light them all up.... If RB gets to help out..then it's Dolberg all over again......
  2. There is someone selling the Fly Stamps... Just thought someone here would like to see them on Ebay. Click Here
  3. I'm leaving as soon as this post is typed out... C-ya there. D
  4. Thanks...I was going to go fishing today..but I will save it for Sunday... Going to Tony Roma's for FREE RIBS..Joined the B-day club Years ago...go every year. Speaking of Sunday..anyone going to Either MUIR or STAR that day? I'll be there...whichever one that I know where there will be Members there. Thanks again for the B-day greetings. Dario
  5. yup...Scotch is Whisky. and Vice versa...
  6. Well...the 2 that I drink are good...it all depends on the mood that you are in. For a young Whisky..I drink Glenfiddich ...it's good and relativly cheap. for a more bolder taste and lingering aftertaste... The Glenlivet. abit more pricey but damn good. I tried mixing, but in the end...I find that straight is best... My 2 Cents. Dario.
  7. Someone with too much time on their hands... HA-HA and Forbidden
  8. Yeah...I saw that too...after awhile, you want to take a gun to it...Hits the right nerve, ya know. It ranks up there with Big Mouth Billy Bass.
  9. How much did the Monster weigh???????
  10. Well, just got back from Sundre. What a waste of time..the Red Deer was high , FAST, and cloudy. Went to fallen Timber...the water was somewhat clear...Went to James River near Sundre...Cloudy...Even went to the James river on the Trunk Road...Water was Clear as a bell and fast running everywhere. NOT ONE NIBBLE ANYWHERE!!! I did notice that the Temp was quite cold and saw that there was still Ice in some spots. Didn't see any action was so ever..not even a swirl. Oh well...maybe better luck on July. Attached are a few fotos of the RedDeer near the camp..
  11. Does anyone know how the rivers and streams are doing near Sundre? Just trying to decide if I should bring my tubes instead of the waders. Any help would be great. Thanks Dario
  12. Either that, or use the ol' helium Balloon and fan trick....
  13. Hi again. Now...I am here to see if the rumours are true. First off, I believe in C&R. But once in a blue moon, I like to keep 1 or 2 fish to cook on the BBQ. Usually white fish. I have heard that Brookies are very good and that there are LOTS in the waters in AB. The things that I have been hearing about brookies is that there are "A Dime a Dozen" in AB. Almost like a Pest, you could say. I have only fish below Dickson ONCE and only for caught White. IS THIS TRUE? This Victoria Day long weekend, we are heading to Sundre. Fishin both Red Deer Rivers and then heading to the BOW by Exshaw on Sunday... I don't know all the rules to trout other than No Black etc...., and I usually don't worry about that since I C&R. I just don't want to chance anything if I do decide to keep a fish other than a White. thanks in advance. Dario
  14. TopoGigio


    Can someone tell me what this material is? I would like to tie one up, but I don't know the name of that stuff nor the name of the fly. Thanx in advance dario
  15. Hi everyone. Tomorrow I am going to the Genesee bridge to teach my Father in-law how to fly fish... Since I have never fished that area, can someone give me a pointer on if I should go North or south of the bridge. Any info would be good. thanx Dario
  16. I got one of those Coleman Air pumps. It's a 12-volt one that I keep in the car. yeah...it inflates at a good speed. But when the the tubes are full, you can't get more pressure to inflate properly. I just got a dual action hand pump...Man...I wish i got thing last year... It's an outcast brand...Paid something like $30. But it's fast and gets the right pressure. But that's my 2 cents. Dario
  17. Hi guys. getting ready to fish Muir this week and read the forums that Leechs and Cromies are the way to go. I tied up a Olive Leech for now. Still trying to find a good cromie recipe. The question... Do you think that I made the length of the Marabou too long? Should it be shorter and should it be soft marabou through out? I used stiffer marabou in the centre to give it some structure. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dario.
  18. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks RB for putting that Image into my mind.....You are a cold COLD man... Vince...here is a link that will answer your question. 5 Day forecast
  19. Hey guys. Today I thougt to myself...Since I haven't seen Muir since last year, I should take the boat out there and just scout around to see what is there for access around the lake. I only stayed close to the shore last year and didn't get any chance to see the rest of the lake. I got the day off because of this FREEZING SNOW STORM. Being one not to let opportunities to pass, My friend and I loaded the boat and went to Muir. Driving there, there was drifting snow and the wind was a howling. I thought to myself" Geeze..I hope it's not like this for Opening day..... Well, when we got there, Hmmm....I'll let the picture say the rest of the story. :lol:
  20. Hi guys. I have never fished Dolberg. Don't even know how to get there. So I ask this....Where is it? and how are the facilities there? Having a 3 month old now, I need something that the Wife can use. Are there just Outhouses there or is there something with Running water. Seeing that there is camping there, is it in a Provincial Park? Sorry about these questions, but I have to find out. I always read about all the adventures at that lake. Even saw the movie that RB did last year. Thanks in advance. Topo (Dario)
  21. Found a website that covers a topic that would be great for the fisher who likes to carry light, but still wants hot food at lunch/Dinner. Pepsi Stove
  22. ok...who's messin' with my mind? One second I click on the link that RB gave me for sundre and I get the Gov't House here in town...then I go back and I see the google maps...... Weird.
  23. Good day to all. I have been blessed with a FULL 2 WEEK stay in Sundre this July. I won't be here during K-days and the Worlds games thus missing all the HORDES of people visiting the city. I know that the Red Deer goes by and, after talking with Mike G., there are 2 - 3 other streams in the vicinity. I need to know this...What's there and what should I tie for there. and if one of you GPS Dudes could point me to a good site with a good map of Sundre, I could map out a plan of attack and find the names of those creeks.. Thank you in advance. Topo (dario)
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