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    Flyfishing, Fly Tying, Hunting, Camping and a little curling in the winter when not at the bench or the club meetings!

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  1. I have the Kara Damsel recipe.Many years ago I reproduced a few of the more common recipes from Reg Dennys book. The Kara Damsel is one I did.It is in a photocopy format, send me a pm wbajansen@gmail.com and I will send you a copy.CheersWayne
  2. Just curious if anyone has ever tried anything other than Gink, dry fly spray etc for dressing their dry flies. I heard today about a fellow who uses Scothguard. He sprays the hackle before he tieds the flies, that way only the hackle has floatant and the body stays in the water. Anyone else ever used this product or method?? Pros, cons ?? Thanks
  3. Three trips. Once to Gull and twice to Pigeon. Creel adds up to the following: 9 whites. 1 pike 2 walley's All in all a very slow beginning for sure. I have acually witnessed fish scattering/swimming under the ice as I walked out to my spot. I wonder if the lack of snow has made the fish a bit skittery! Gull seems especially slow.
  4. Hmmmm. Big fish eating natural food sources. That reminded me of an interesting thing I noticed on my last trip to the lake. As I paddled to the dock area to leave I noticed a very large school of small minnows had congregated under the dock platform. They seemd to be just the ticket for a potential meal for an 18 plus incher. I noted the size and colors as best as I could, with the intention of trying to duplicate one with bucktail hair, but never got around to tying or trying them. It would be interesting to know if anyone has used minnow immitations with any success at Muir? Any reports?
  5. Don, I managed to get one to the tube last week that measured as close to the magic 20" as you can get. I caught it very near the happy salad bed edge on a scud pattern, as I was slowly trolling to a new place on the lake to fish the drys. It was rather lucky I think that I managed to get him out of the weeds, he put up quite a scrap! I thinK they are there but don't count on pulling too many out of that cabage patch hidey hole!
  6. wbaj

    PT boats

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I would not have thought about brass oars locks! Looks like I have a place to start my hunt! Thanks again.
  7. wbaj

    PT boats

    I have fished out of my trout trap for about 5 years now and I think I would like to try a PT boat. On a recent trip to Muir I saw quite a variety out there. Just want to get a flavor for what every one likes and dislikes about theirs. Any tips out there guys? What should I look for when purchasing one? Thanks
  8. Doc, I will give you a hand if I am in town. I can also volunteer my quad to help haul things around to the other side of the lake if you wish. Give me as much notice as you can and I will try to be home!
  9. I would also like to add my "kudos’" to the organizers of this fine event. Fantastic information and very well presented. However, could I request/suggest one thing. If anyone took close up pictures of the 10 flies these two masters’ tied, could they please post them on this site? I noticed quite a few people in attendance were feverishly writing directions but I'm sure some details were lost. Having a proper picture of the fly would go a long way to sharing the more finite details of the patterns. Comments? Once again thanks for a great venue. WB
  10. Vince, follow Hwy 47 south past Robb until you get to a sharp 25 km/hour left turn. It is at this point where the pavement ends and a good gravel road begins. Just a very short way down the gravel road you will see a recreation camp spot on the left hand side along the Embarass river. Again just a few yards across the bridge from this camping spot is another road branching off to the right. It also crosses the river and it was at this bridge that I parked and walked up stream for about a mile. Walking out is easy, only small shrubs and you can cross the river any place you want to get back more like the crow flies. I also fished it a bit upstream from the camp spot. Again they were small but very willing. EHC size 14 with a green or brown body seemed to get these little guys stirred up! Good luck and tight lines! WBAJ
  11. Vince The first bridge is one of the only spots I didn't try and it sounds like you fish the same way I do. Although I had a good day I really wanted to tag a few grayling and the fact that I didn't just gives me a reason to return later in the month. One spot to try especially with a youngster along is upstream of the last bridge. The river is quite small here and the bull trout are fairly numerous although small. I must have caught about a dozen in the mile I walked and fished. Use the EHC in #14 or 16 and you are sure to get some action. The largest you can expect is only around 12 inches but they are fun just the same. Fishing small creeks and rivers also has its own pleasures. Take care WBAJ
  12. Hey Vince. I spent today on the Embarras. I walked from 1/2 to 1 mile upstream and downstream of 4 different access points. Simply could not connect on a grayling. I did catch several brookies but the grayling seemed to be no where in site. I only saw two fish rise the whole day and caught both of them using an EHC size 14. Maybe I'm I not traveling far enough from the access points? I did see some boot tracks but I thought I was far enough from most of the "road hunters". The only bugs I saw were some discarded stone fly shucks and a few midges. I tried Griffith’s knats, EHC, stimulators, Adams, royal coachman humpies and H&L variants. Any other suggestions? Maybe it was just a bad day?
  13. wbaj

    Looks good

    Justa test guys WB
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