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  1. Just wondering when flies are to be swapped. Do I bring to Wed meeting or bring on Friday. Hank
  2. Dave, since I was planning to walk and wade this trip, I would like to take you up on your ballast offer. I"m planning on going Friday sometime and leaving Saturday evening. Hank
  3. Hank Peters


    Hey! I lost a clear two sided flybox last year at Muir. Had a little bit of everything. Dries on one side and nymphs on the other, mostly pheasant tails and princes. Hank
  4. Check out page 20 of Friiday's Edmonton Sun. Barry's licking earned him a spot in the Canadian Press Photo of the Month, courteous of Sun photographer David Bloom. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Hank
  5. Dave Friday may be a go at Muir. Around noon. I'm not sure what I can round up boat wise since I don't have a bellyboat, although I've done ok from shore. My canoe is very tippy. Hank
  6. Hi guys Spent a bit of time with dipperdan at the Red Deer this afternoon. According to Dan levels were almost normal . You can easily park in the normal spot, and walk to regular area. Pretty slow today, although Dan did catch a white on a dry. There was quite a hatch of cadddis and some sort of mayfly going on. Tons of little sailboats on the river. Good luck tomorrow Hank
  7. Got your instructions. Sounds easy. Will see you unless torrential downpours or snow. Forecast actually doesn't sound that bad. Let me know if you have any last minute changes Hank
  8. DipperDan I am not familiar with the territory around Caroline but if you give me instuctions where to be Saturday morning I'll be there, as early as necessary. Hank
  9. DipperDan Just repling again to your last post. I'm not sure if I can make Friday but I'm able to meet Saturday morning. Let me know Where your staying to meet. Hank
  10. Dipperdan I have Saturday off, But have to check about getting Friday off. When would you leave Edmonton and would you plan on fishing Friday evening. If I could only go Saturday, where could we meet or where are you spending Friday night. Hank
  11. Since this will be my first time going, I have a few questions. Will Ford Ranger with new tires handle rd. Is there a place to camp or is one parked on road. Lastly is anyone planning to go on the Friday already: I wouldn't want to be the only one out there Friday night. Thanks Hank
  12. Just want to touch base on Wed nite. You'all keep talking about "the Firehole ". Not sure where that is. Do we still all meet at the science park parking lot like before? Around 7 ? Thanks Hank
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