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  1. Thanks guys I applied some clear tape to one side to give some backing and then put 3 or 4 coats on top, let dry, then reversed waders, removed tape and put 3 or 4 coats on the othe side, overlappind edges. Definitely, keep level. Seems to be a good repair. Will test soon I hope. Hank
  2. Just wondering if is worth while or possible to repair neoprene waders which have a loonie sized hole in them. The repair kit that came with them seem to refer to pinhole size leaks. I just don't want to waste my time. Thanks, Hank Also if someone could put Brians post on Dave's surgery back on top or snag it, so more people will see it. I really didn't want to post this question knowing it would bump Brians post
  3. Thanks,Robin By the way, I'm not taking a tube, so can Wedge Pond be shore fished? Hank
  4. Driving my daughter to Canmore for a course she's taking on Friday and am wondering if anybody will be in the area, fishing? I'll be there from about 9:00-6:00. If not I would appreciate any input on some good rivers or streams in the area that would be relatively easy to get to. The Bow would be obvious but I'm not familiar with the area as to productive spots and how to get to them. Any info would be appreciated. Hank
  5. Couldn't convince myself to hit Muir at midnite, so I came around 6:30. Fished till 10 or so. It definitly was chilly. Wasn't a lot of action but did manage my biggest fish out of Muir. About 17" or so but amazingly fat. A good 3 lbs. Others were smaller. Most on a black WB. As I was leaving I ran into Paul F who was scouting. Someone on shore also mentioned someone got one about 24" earlier in the morning. That seems a stretch. Next time must remember to charge my camera battery. Good start. Hank
  6. ABH, you said he is supposed to be mounting your deer. Boy, I hope noone is watching.
  7. I noticed Scratch added a comment on my Flikr acct.; so I thought I would announce it here as well. 1st grandchild and hopefully future fish'n buddy' Andrew Picture 7hrs old Born Dec 22 Hank
  8. My acrobat reader has suddenly refused to read pdf files, so if anyone could let me know the next meeting time and what's happening I would appreciate it. Hank
  9. RB Working tonight but hope to be at the Runway by 9:00 or so. Hank
  10. Thinking of hitting the upper Freeman Wednesday morning and being back in time for the meeting. Any takers? Hank
  11. Since I don't know where "other" is I voted for Beaumont, although Cardiff might also have been my choice, if it had been in the poll. Hank
  12. Sorry guys, should have known there was a legitimate reason. As far as the Sundance was concerned, you'all were out of sight by the time I got there, so I had no way of knowing which way you went. Hope we can all bow out honorably. Hank
  13. If one didn't know better you would think from the above post from Lance that him and Scratch are trying to avoid fellow club members. You named it the firehole; so join us. This is one angler who can still use your expertise. Hank
  14. Just wondering if anyones going out Wed night to the N. Sask as per calender Hank
  15. Lance, Wondering if you could be a bit more specific on how and where to upload Klave photos I took. I don,t have too many but they may as well be added. Hank
  16. Sorry ABH , didn't mean to mislead. The picture was taken during the Embarrass Klave, but was actually taken on a trib called Lambert Creek. Hank
  17. All you bug people. Can anyone tell me what this is. Took the picture on the side of the house, then its' back split and out came wings and it flew away Hank
  18. OK now that I have RB"s instructions , I'll try another picture. This is Mike D. and Jim F. the first evening of the Embarrass Klave. Hank
  19. Happy Canada Day? Bah humbug. Sorry: there's just not a lot happening in this country right now, politically, that I'm too happy about. Hank
  20. I may now just have to agree with Scratch. Although it wasn't as square a tail as his was, you can see that it does have the black leading line before white on the lower fins ; which according to Lances pictures show that it would be a Brookie. Hank
  21. OK I need some help on posting pictures. That didn't work at all. Sorry Hank
  22. Now that you'all mentioned the differences it is easy to see that Scratches was a brookie. I'm not totally convinced on mine though. What do you all think. Bull or Brookie. Hank
  23. Looked up Sundance Creek in the AB Fishing Guide and they indicated that there was grayling, rainbows, bull trout and some browns and whitefish. So I guess I caught my first grayling and bull trout. Yours looks like a bull as well. Hank
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