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  1. The family Charadriiformes includes charadriidae (plovers, of which kildeer is one), recurvirostridae (avocets and stilts), scolopacidae ( all the shorebirds that Garhan mentioned) and laridae which includes all gulls.

  2. What? I thought Italians thought it was by divine right that they win every World Cup. As far as the reception they will receive. I would rather be Italian than French.

  3. Guys,


    The Blackstone has a reasonable population of Bull/Brookie crosses. Have caught 3>5 of them. Good looking fish. They don't occur often as brookies spawn in late October whereas Bulls spawn in late August.

    The real question is: how do they taste? Both brookies and bulls are great eating fish. I'd imagine the crosses would also be GOOD!!!!


    catch ya'





    So Don, when was the last time you tasted a bull.

  4. post-82-1253909307_thumb.jpgpost-82-1253909048_thumb.jpg


    Antique Fly Fishing/Shotshell Puzzles---Nymph Fishing Basics DVD



    We should all combine our bids and get the Nymph Fishing Basics and present it to Vincenzo.



  5. Rangerbob,


    Thank you kind sir. Although my Freedom 75 has been extended to Freedom 85 with this economic downturn. Only a few more months of mayhem before I will be able to attend at least every second meeting. Time to start tying again.



  6. I also want to add my "thank you" to Lance and Jim for all they did in setting this up. Even though I wasn't able to attend the main events, having the opportunity to fish new waters and learning to fish these streams was invaluable. Extra thanks to Jim and Mike D. for spending some extra time with me Friday, making sure I caught my first few cutties. What beautiful country and good company.



  7. I've not seen goldeye rising at our usual spots even once this year. That makes three slow goldeye runs of the last three seasons. With the heavy flows the last few years I think mother nature has flushed the system out and it may take a few years to recover. That said, the walleye in the river we've been catching have been very small (12") but sturgeon populations look stronger.


    It's a bit of a mystery to me but I'm sure some of the biologists are looking at it.


    Friend of mine was at the Firehole on Saturday and said the goldeye were rising all over the place. The walleye were definitely smaller than usual as mentioned.



  8. Hey, look who is coming out of the woodwork. Just like Joe I haven't wet a line this year yet. Have just found out that I can arrange a few days this week. So, if possible I would like to join the klave. Not sure if I will be able to join the swap with the time remaining but I'll see what I can do. The days I can come are Thurs- Sat. Let me know if this is ok and if there is anything else I can do. Thanks



  9. Emailed The director for Alberta Environment, Central Alberta Division. He emailed me back asking for my phone number which I did. A field representative from Spruce Grove phoned me and asked exactly what I saw. He then said that the dept gets a ton of these calls all the time and what it usually is, is natural. I guess there are natural iron deposits which come to the surface mixed with water when it is unusually wet. That's the chocolate brown liquid. The flourescent, rainbow liquid effect(which I thought was gas) is supposedly some sort of iron bacteria, and he gave me some ideas to tell the difference. I'm not sure what to believe, but I will admit I didn't smell gas. He's in the area on Sept. 6th and said he would have a look.



  10. Was out around Edson area on Tuesday. Spent the last hour on Sundance Creek. Decided to take a peek on the west side of the hwy. About 30 yards from the bridge I came across a small stream(pool) of Chocolate brown sludge mixed with what looked like gasoline. It was running into the creek. Just wondering if anyone knew who I should let know.



  11. Hey,

    Been a little out of the loop lately. Also for some reason I can't download June's newsletter. Just wondering what was on tonites agenda. Believe it or not I went out for the first time this morning, so if the gangs heading out somewhere tonite please leave a post where. Thanks, Hank

  12. Sorry I missed joining you last night, Scratch and Lance. Unfortunately I was in T.H.'s for another reason and couldn't join you. I've missed the wing and beer thing at Runways. Wiyh everyone going to Timmys all the time I've not bothered. Maybe we can make it another time.



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