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  1. The family Charadriiformes includes charadriidae (plovers, of which kildeer is one), recurvirostridae (avocets and stilts), scolopacidae ( all the shorebirds that Garhan mentioned) and laridae which includes all gulls.
  2. Thanks Dan, As you can tell, now that I work Wednesday evenings, I don't get on the site that often. Hope it may change some day soon Hank
  3. What? I thought Italians thought it was by divine right that they win every World Cup. As far as the reception they will receive. I would rather be Italian than French.
  4. Hey Jim, When you get a chance, perhaps supply a map to the area. I'm hoping that this date works for me. Thanks, Hank
  5. Work related stuff has left me conspicuously absent as of late, but that will hopefully change soon. Proposed dates sound good. Hank
  6. So Don, when was the last time you tasted a bull.
  7. Why does Bill look like he is: a few sandwiches short of a picnic a few fries short of a Happy Meal a few bricks short of a load etc, etc, Hank
  8. We should all combine our bids and get the Nymph Fishing Basics and present it to Vincenzo. Hank
  9. Thinking of maybe heading north of whitecourt on Monday for a "Free" trip to a rive between Whitecourt and Swan Hills. Let me know if it works for you. Hank (Believe it or not, it would be my first trip of the year)
  10. "Muirnight Madness"??? Now why does that sound oddly familiar? Hank
  11. Rangerbob, Thank you kind sir. Although my Freedom 75 has been extended to Freedom 85 with this economic downturn. Only a few more months of mayhem before I will be able to attend at least every second meeting. Time to start tying again. Hank
  12. Here's what I got for Christmas. My first grand daughter; Clara Idelle, born Dec. 25, 2008 Hank
  13. I also want to add my "thank you" to Lance and Jim for all they did in setting this up. Even though I wasn't able to attend the main events, having the opportunity to fish new waters and learning to fish these streams was invaluable. Extra thanks to Jim and Mike D. for spending some extra time with me Friday, making sure I caught my first few cutties. What beautiful country and good company. Hank
  14. Oh yeah, this will be my first time in the area, having never fished for cutthroat or bulls. Any tips on fly selection would be helpful. Hank
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