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  1. I've heard of flying fish....
  2. Any fishing reports? I was on the water for a little over an hour but only two hits both on Brian Chan's Ruby Marabou Micro Leach, gold bead head, nothing to net. I better get out more often....
  3. Thanks to you Dan for all your time planning & organizing these events, they sure don't happen on their own. Great work!
  4. I noticed on the TUC site a note about our NLFF chapter that made me feel good. "In 2010, the Edmonton Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada merged with what was then the Northern Lights Fly Fishers, becoming one of the largest and most active TUC Chapters in the country." Credit goes to the many guys & gals who contribute to our projects, thank you.
  5. While at the Show, you can also pick up a copy of Barry White's, "My" Bow River.
  6. And while at the NLFF booth, take your chance on obtaining a new Don Andersen's "Original" 7’9″ 5 weight, 2 piece, with 2 tips bamboo fly rod, a $1,500 value. Tickets are $5:00 each or 5 for $20.00 Thanks to Don Andersen for donating this rod in support of NLFF’s conservation projects. Find out more information about Don’s bamboo rods at his website: http://www.bamboorods.ca/
  7. Thanks for posting Dipper, sorry I forgot my camera at home, it would have been nice to capture some of the nice ones you and Doug landed as well. My first clave, great folks, great fishing, great food & refreshments, great weather and all round great time. J&J
  8. An early morning skulker; I know our team didn't tag that one!
  9. Rod, I was fishing in the Kotenay's last week, glad to hear that you won, congratulations enjoy!
  10. April 30, out to Dismal with Ken and Paul to check out the Data collecting instruments.
  11. Thanks Rob, It is working well today. Amazing how many unamed creeks there are out there.
  12. In my excitement, I missed the 2 piece, but I have tried one of Don's masterpieces and they are a treasure to behold and cast. I like that "when I win the rod"... But as some of your old uncles use to say, "He made me an offer I can't refuse", so we will have to go down south and give it a go regardless.
  13. Thanks for the opportunity Don, I would like your "Original" in a 3pce., 3 or 5wt. to be placed in a case in my backpack for hiking in. Unfortunately a lot more work for you. But you did ask.... Wishful thinking on Vince's part, it's my turn..... John
  14. Very Nice, thanks for sharing.
  15. Nice Tiger Kristi! Will have to get out there first thing in the spring.
  16. Nice, good news, thanks for posting Dennis......and the photos too!
  17. Peter, Even with a picture and the added measurement conversion a Cricket pitch still doesn't make sense to me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cricket_field#/media/File:Cricket_field_parts.svg Thanks for the information on the Tigers. John
  18. Duty to safeguard opening in ice [*]263. (1) Every one who makes or causes to be made an opening in ice that is open to or frequented by the public is under a legal duty to guard it in a manner that is adequate to prevent persons from falling in by accident and is adequate to warn them that the opening exists. [*] Marginal note:Excavation on land(2) Every one who leaves an excavation on land that he owns or of which he has charge or supervision is under a legal duty to guard it in a manner that is adequate to prevent persons from falling in by accident and is adequate to warn them that the excavation exists. [*] Marginal note:Offences(3) Every one who fails to perform a duty imposed by subsection (1) or (2) is guilty of [*](a) manslaughter, if the death of any person results therefrom; [*](b) an offence under section 269, if bodily harm to any person results therefrom; or [*](c) an offence punishable on summary conviction. [*]R.S., c. C-34, s. 242; [*]1980-81-82-83, c. 125, s. 18. To bad our legal system takes the side of those who don't pay attention to warning/caution signs. We have caution/warning signs all over our roadway systems but I don't see the roadways closed due to the open excavations, etc.
  19. The weather was great but the fishing was slow. Paul was successful (one was a nice 15.5"er with beautiful colors) and we managed to tag a few. None were caught that had previously been tagged. On the trail down to the creek entrance we came across evidence of quite a number of holes dug up by a bruin(s) that had been grubbing for roots, etc. included were a few piles of grey scat the same color as the soil. Not many berries in the area so they have to eat something. We had the whistles blowing and the spray cans ready as we trucked on to the fishing holes.
  20. After several weeks in Europe (no fishing, but lots of pork knuckles with dark beer in Prague, and unlimited wine on the Main, Mosel & Rhine rivers) it was great to get back out on Dismal with Dipper and Pickles for a day of, "Grayling with Tenkara". Caught lots of grayling but mostly of the juvenile variety, which holds good for the future. None of the adults caught had previously been tagged. A few Rockies were caught as well. John
  21. Nice fish Dipper! Looking forward to you teaching me those Tenkara techniques!
  22. Thanks Vince, The camera is a 10 year old 3.2 megapixel Pentax but it is still good for these trips. The grayling was a 12"er and the fly was a size 12-14 with lots of hackle on the parachute which the grayling seem to go for. It was fun, but 2/3rds of the day is travelling and hiking to get onto the water then the return trip home. Got to go to where they reside, right. Reminds me of what one of our former Oiler coaches when he said, "We can't win at home and we can't win on the road and I can't think of any other place for us to play."
  23. Thanks Neil, heard anything on the Tigers?
  24. Paul taking the water temp. as we enter Dismal. Karen perfecting her roll cast with coach Paul's encouragement. Kit is ready, now we need a grayling or two. Here we go!
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