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  1. DD,I hope it's not too late to greet you a belated Happy B'Day :happybd: joe
  2. Dan, shall I bring my cot and wake me up at 6 a.m.if they are biting or not. joe
  3. Hi Dave, Congratulations for the successful kidney transplantation!!! Get well soon and have a speedy recovery. No more fluid restrictions!!!! Joe L.
  4. Scratch, RB, & Darren, Thanks for doing a good job with our website!! Keep up the good work :drinked: joe
  5. Nice pictures, Dan :whootwhoo: joe
  6. Thanks for the pictures, Dan.Joe
  7. Thanks to RB and Jim for organizing this yearly event, my first time to attend this year. Well done guys :drinked: Thanks also to Dipper Dan for being my mentor on this new stream and catching my first river cutty. But I'll have to make sure to check the batteries of my camera next time. No pictures of the big one!!! :vikinjg::
  8. Jim,thanks for the input. I will probably take HWY 40 via 541 to 22 > 517 which is the least gravel as you mentioned. joe
  9. Glad to hear you had a great time in Saskatchewan. Nice pictures. :whootwhoo: See you at D.C....... Joe
  10. Lance, My wife( Ellen) & I will be able to join the klave at Dutch Creek from Aug. 15 - 17/08. We are checking out from Kananaskis on Friday morning. Do I need to inform Jim and is it too late to join now ?. How are the roads from Kananaskis to Dutch Creek campground? This will be my first time to join the Klave and my first day out fishing for the year. Has been too busy lately. I am looking forward to this one because I missed the one last year.. Can anyone tell me the better route from Kananaskis If I take HWY 40> 940 > range 34A or HWY 40 >HWY 541 >HWY 22 >HWY 517 > 34A. Is 940 all gravel to 34 A? Need your input please. Thanks. Joe L.
  11. I might have to dig out my power auger, I have not gone ice fishing in a while. joe
  13. Thanks guys. Officially, I am a senior citizen today At least I don't have to pay for my fishing license anymore!
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