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Oct 6 - Fly Tying Demo - Dennis Summer Favorites


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Another Night of Dennisizing!!!!!!!
Will do the Bastard CFF, then the Canadian black midnight fire weevil 
Meeting on ZOOM:  Connection info at https://www.nlft.org/zoom
Materials needed  
Hook standard dry #12
Brown macrame 
White macrame 
Arizona semi seal Canadian olive 
Brown hackle  
Black or white thread 
Olive barred rubber legs 
Midnight fire weevil
Hook any sized curved  
Tail Black hackle tips 
Ice dub midnight fire/Canadian Black arz. Semi seal
Pearlescent tinsel or Pearlescent lateral scale 
Copper wire small 
Black goose biot
Tungsten bead sized to Hook
Hopefully didn't forget anything!!!!!!
These flies have been tried and were very successful this summer 
Hopefully there will be a tying tip or two 

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