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Sep 24 - Flies for a Grayling Box

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Flies for a Grayling Box

Presenter: Michael Dell

Pattern: Tom Bomb aka No Brainer

(Wally Lutz’s Bomber Simplified)


Hook: long dry fly size 6-12

Thread: brown 6/0, or colour to match hackle

Tail: deer or elk hair

Hackle: Brown, spun with thread & palmered through body

Body: same deer or elk hair as tail, surrounding hook shank, segmented with palmered hackle, butts clipped at front.


Pattern: Black Leech



Hook: Wet fly hook, size 10-16

Thread: Black 8/0

Wing: Black marabou, tied in 2 or 3 bunches

Pattern: Partridge and Green soft hackle



Hook: Wet fly hook size 10-16

Thread: Olive 8/0

Hackle: Partridge

Body: Thread, or alternative olive hare's ear

Comment: Michael will treat us to a trio of flies that are always in his grayling box along with a CFF which is his go to dry fly.

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