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TYing with Foam

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Tying with Foam

Presenter: Dennis Southwick

Pattern: Chernobyl Ant



Hook: Daiichi #1280 – 2 X long #8 or #10

Thread: #6/0 - Orange

Body: Foam – Black or Tan


Comment: Dennis will demonstrate two different styles of Chernobyl Ant. The color will be tyer choice.

Pattern: Adrian’s Hopper

Hook: Klinkhammer #8 to #12

Thread: #8/0 – olive

Rib: Sillilegs – Olive (or optional material of choice)

Abdomen: Pheasant Feather – Olive (olive dubbing optional)

Thorax: Dubbing and Foam – Olive

Hackle: Olive Saddle

Legs:: Pheasant Tail Fibers Knotted ( rubber optional)

Wing: Pheasant (elk or deer hair optional)

Comment: Dennis will demonstrate a new pattern he found. Of course he will “Dennsize” it (hence the optional material noted in brackets).

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