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"Surprise" Tying Event

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“Surprise” Tying Event

Comment No 1: This should be a fun one!

The idea is to have 10 tyers presented with a “black box” of tying materials. The goal is for them to tie a fly (within a restricted time frame) that incorporates the materials in the package. The pattern is the tyer’s choice.

On completion, the flys will be displayed for everyone to vote on. Voters will be given a set of three sticky dots to place on a paper sheet adjacent their favorite flies. The tyers of the three flies collecting the most dots will receive a Tim Horton’s gift card (Different value for first through third place.)

The event is open to all attendees. If we have more than 10 “volunteers”, names will be put in a hat and the ten lucky contestant’s names drawn. Those not tying are encouraged to watch, kibitz or otherwise engage themselves until judgment.

Don’t be shy, come on out and try your hand at creative tying.

Comment No 2: Bamboo Rod Draw

We will be drawing the winner for this year’s raffle for the bamboo rod donated by Don Anderson at the end of the meeting. You don’t have to be present to win, but wouldn’t it be nice to be there to gloat?

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