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Large Stoneflies

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Large Stoneflies

Presenter: Michael Dell

Comment: Mike says that over the years he has been fortunate to know many fine Alberta anglers and learn their patterns. These are Alberta Patterns You Won’t See Anywhere Else

Pattern: Green Thing

Hook: Nymph hook size 2-16

Thread: Olive 3/0 or 6/0

Weight: Lead wire wrapped entire length of shaft,

overwrapped with thread and cemented

Tail: Brown or black hen hackle, short

Body: Olive marabou (variations grey or gold), spun in dubbing loop

Hackle: Brown or black hen hackle

Thorax: Olive marabou (variations grey or gold), spun in dubbing loop

Comment: Don Andersen has caught a pile of fish over the last 35 years with this olive marabou nymph. It is a generic pattern tied in the round, and can represent stonefly or mayfly nymphs. Michael will tie the large version.

Pattern: Bill’s X

Hook: Streamer hook size 2-6

Thread: brown or orange 6/0

Body: golden stone dubbing, rough

Wing: brown macramé yarn, tied ½ bullet head style

Legs: speckle flake pumpkin rubber hackle (or your choice)

Indicator: Orange yarn or foam (optional)

Comment: Bill Clendon’s version of the Madam X for a Golden Stonefly adult. Don Andersen calls this pattern Billy’s Monster or the BM.

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