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Adult Stoneflies

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Stonefly Adults

(For when a Stimulator doesn’t work)

Presenter: Michael Dell

Pattern: Brown/Black Winter Stone

Hook: Dry Fly #14- #16

Thread: Black or Brown 8/0

Hackle: Grizzly - undersized to 1 gap width

Comment: The winter stone hatches in prolific umbers on sunny days in winter. The nymph crawls out of the water onto the bank before the adult emerges. The fly imitates the female buzzing over the water while releasing eggs.

Pattern: Deer Hair Caddis

Hook: Dry Fly #10- #16

Thread: Yellow or lime 8/0

Body: Yellow or lime fine dubbing

Wing: Deer or Elk hair

Comment: The Yellow Sally (and its cousin the Lime Sally) hatch in June or July in Alberta. The Deer Hair Caddis (basically an Elk Hair Caddis without hackle) is my go-to pattern for this hatch. A red tag can be added to simulate an egg sac.

Pattern: Madam X

Hook: 2 X long Dry Fly #8- #16

Thread: 6/0 to match body color

Wing: Elk hair tied in bullet style

Body: Thread wraps or dubbing to match natural

Legs: Rubber legs

Comment: The Madam X is an easy pattern and can be tied in all sizes and body colors to match a natural. A variation is Billy’s Monster which uses macramé yarn instead of elk hair, and uses a dubbed body.

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