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Let's Get Stoned

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Let’s Get Stoned

Presenter: Dennis Southwick

Pattern 1: Brook’s Montana Stone


575]Hook: 3x long wet fly, #2 to #10

575]Thread: # 8/0, black

575]Weight: Gold bead or 0.025 lead wire or substitute

575]Tail: Goose biots, black

575]Rib: Wire, gold or copper

575]Body: Yarn or dubbing, black and fuzzy

575]Hackle ostrich herl and1 grizzly and 1 brown saddle

Pattern 2: Neo 20 incher


575]Hook: Daichi 1270, 3x long nymph, #2 to #10

575]Thread: # 8/0, tan or olive

575]Bead Black or Gold

575]Weight: 0.025 lead wire or substitute, front half

575]Tail: Goose biots, brown or black

575]Rib: Wire, gold

575]Abdomen: Peacock Herl or Peacock Arizona dubbing

575]Thorax: Arizona semi-seal golden peacock

575]Wing Case: Thin Skin – mottled oak

Pattern 3: Stimulator


575]Hook: 3x long dry fly, #8

575]Thread: 36/0 or # 8/0, orange or red

575]Tail: Elk Hair

575]Rib: Brown Hackle

575]Abdomen: Dubbing or Antron yarn, orange

575]Wing: Elk Hair

575]Thorax Dubbing, yellow

575]Hackle: Grizzly saddle

Comment: Dennis will talk about stoneflies and demonstrate a pattern for each of the insect’s stages of interest to the fly fisher. This is an important trout food and anglers should have a sampling of these patterns for most Alberta streams

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