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Iron Fly Tyer: Vacant (Has Alex DelHiero moved yet?)


Challengers: To BE Decided


Patterns: Dry fly, Wet fly and Nymph

Hook: Dry #12, Wet #8, Nymph #10

Material: Surprise!


Format: The competitors will use their own materials and equipment to construct at least three flys in a one-hour time frame. A special “surprise” material will be given out at the start of tying that the participants will have to incorporate it into each fly. The flys will be judged on: Appearance, Tying Techniques, Originality, Best Use of Mystery Material and Potential Catching Ability. The winner earns the coveted title of “Iron Fly Tyer” until the next competition.


Comments: Chairman Robinson-Kaga will host this annual (mostly) event to put our club's finest tyers to the ultimate test. Unknown materials and tight timeline could mean a brilliant

finish, or a tyer going down in flames. Three competitors will test their tying skill against each other in a trio of patterns. Come prepared to be amazed (and to heckle). With the title

open due to Alex leaving town, who will stand the test of fire and become the next IRON FLY TYER?


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