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Guest: Mike M. (Personal Protection for Anglers)

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Guest: Mike McLeod of Commercial Solutions




Topic: Personal Protection for Anglers


Note: Mike will show and discuss a variety of personal protection and field supplies for anglers including bear bangers, spray, signaling devices, flashlights, eye protection and floatation.


Actually Dave, it's spelt "flotation". :whootwhoo:




Meet an Expert: Mike McLeod

Outstanding in his Field (supplies)


Mike McLeod looks after the field and forestry product categories for our technical support team. Mike is a hardcore outdoors enthusiast with plenty of experience in forestry and related areas. Before starting work with CFE over 17 years ago, he fought fires as a member of the Alberta Forestry Services helicopter attack crew. Now, he stays as active as possible, whether it means coaching his son's hockey team, going for a backwoods hike or taking a crew of buddies canoeing for the weekend.


When an order desk rep phones with a question about our products, Mike is the one who tracks down a response. He's the one who knows that Suunto makes great diving watches, as well as compasses, or that Bushnell makes really high quality riflescopes as well as the rangefinders we normally carry. Mike finds this one of the most rewarding parts of his job. "My â˜customers' are the order desk staff and branch managers who phone me with a question. Getting an answer for them is my priority."


One of the great things about Commercial Solutions is that we have access to so many products from very well-established, cutting edge manufacturers. "We carry whatever equipment people use outdoors â“ camping, gardening, any focused physical activity," and we can bring in virtually any item made by the companies whose products we carry. "A typical call might be something like â˜Well, you sell Garmin, can you get me a fish finder?'" says Mike, "If you're into a specific sport â“ hunting, fishing, camping, quadding, hiking, diving, canoeing, skiing - we have something to complement that sport."


What are Mike's "must have" products? The new Ergodyne workwear is his top pick. "These clothes are designed so you stay as warm and dry as you can when you're working hard." Comfortable, warm, wicking fabrics have been available in retail sportswear for over a decade, but Ergodyne is one of the first companies to adapt them to all purpose, all season innerwear. This year, Ergodyne clothing is definitely on his list of gifts for friends and family.


Any items still on his own wish list? Mike's got his sights set on the new Leatherman Skeletool, an extremely lightweight version of the popular multitool. He's going to have to wait though - the Skeletool won't be released till May.




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