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Michael Dell (21 Tricks with Peacock Herl)

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Speaker: Michael Dell

Topic: 21 Tricks with Peacock Herl


Comment: Michael will do another of his informative and amusing presentations. This time he will show you some tricks for handling peacock herl. Some are simple, and some you have seen before. But there are some new tricks for the old dogs to learn.


Beginner's Tying

Pattern: Bunny Bug


Hook Wet fly - # 2 to 2/0

Thread 3/0 or 6/0 Clear or White

happy salad guard: 30 pound mono

Tail: Yellow Cross Cut Rabbit Strip

Body: Red and White Cross Cut Rabbit Strip


Comment: Thumper gives his all for the fly fisher. This is a effective fly for pike. The general idea is to make it large and gaudy with lots of action.


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