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Tyer: Dale Johnson

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Tyer: Dale Johnson

Pattern: Golden Stone Nymph

Hook: size 6 to 8 nymph 3X long - Mustad 9672

Thread: 6/0 brown Uni-thread

Weight: .025 - .035

Tail: goose biots, gold, amber, Lt. brown

Shellback: turkey tail segment, coated with flexcement

Rib: Larva Lace Nymph Rib #60

Abdomen: Scintilla #64, or antron mixture

of Ligas #63, 34, 31

Wingcase: same as shellback

Thorax: same as abdomen


Comment: Two years ago Dale was the Iron Fly Tyer, so you know his presentation will be interesting and skillful. Dale will also tie a Bead Head Midge Larvae and if time permits a Larva Lace Midge and a Stone-Hopper Dry Fly.




Pattern: Chironomid Emerger

Hook Dry fly - # 10 to # 16

Thread 6/0 to 8/0 black

Rib: Fine red wire

Body: Black thread

Thorax: Peacock herl

Gills: White Anton


Comment: This is a pretty generic type of emerger for use on the local ponds. If we have time I’ll show a CDC variation


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