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Alberta Conclave 2007


Well, spring has almost sprung in southern Alberta. You always know it’s just around the corner when you get 6” of snow during the morning commute and shovel off the driveway at dinnertime in shirtsleeves. Spring brings with it the promise of blue skies, crystal waters, and trout flashing in the sunlight. Time to plan a conclave!


Last year’s Alberta conclave on Racehorse Creek was a huge success so this year we will meet in the same watershed again. We will set up headquarters at (or near) the Dutch Creek Campground, about 10 km north of Racehorse Creek on the Forestry Trunk Road. This location is a bit closer to some of the water we will be fishing. I am actually hoping to find a random camping spot close to the road but a bit away from other people. Attendees from previous Alberta conclaves will understand why. More details on the exact location will follow.


For those who have not visited southern Alberta before, you will be in for a treat. The Oldman River drainage has numerous superb streams with native cutthroat, feisty rainbows, and an increasing population of big old bull trout. For slightly longer day trips, think about the Bow River, the Crowsnest River and BC’s Elk River. There is something for every passionate flyfisher and beautiful scenery to boot.


The dates are July 12-15 so mark your calendars for a few days of incomparable fishing in Canada’s finest (IMHO) trout watershed. Drop me a line if you would like more information or want me to add your name to the list.


If you need more info, drop me a line at jim_and_dorothy@hotmail.com. Hope to see you there


Jim Fox


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