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Weaving Techniques

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Weaving Techniques

Pattern: Woven Stonefly


Hook: #8 Mustad 9672 - 2xl

Thread: #6/0 – yellow

Bead: 1/8” color to suit

Tail: Goose Biots

Underbody: Non toxic wire

Body: Floss – brown and golden yellow

Thorax: Seal fur – brown

Legs: Pheasant Tail

Legs: Rubber leg

Pattern: WWF –(woven wire fly)

Hook: #8 or #10 Mustad 9671

Thread: #6/0 – black

Tail: Goose Biots

Body: Wire – Chartreuse and Brown

diameter to match hook diameter

Wing Case: Saltwater Flashabou

Legs: Pheasant tail

Comment: Florin will demonstrate some weaving techniques.


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