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Glitter Thread

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Glitter Thread

Presenter: Dennis Southwick

Pattern: Chromie


575]Hook: Scud size 12,

575]Bead: Tungsten (gold)

575]Thorax: Peacock

575]Gills: White antron (poly)

575]Body & Rib: Glitter thread

Pattern: Lafontaine Diving Caddis


575]Hook: Size 14 Daichi 1640

(or any short shank dry fly hook)

575]Bubble: White Anton (poly)

575]Body: Glitter thread

575]Wing: Deer or elk hair

575]Thorax: Dark dubbing or ostrich hurl.

Pattern: BWO Parachute Extended Body


575]Hook: Size 16 Daichi 1640

(or any short shank dry fly hook)

575]Wing: White poly

575]Thorax: Peacock herl or olive dubbing

575]Body: Glitter thread

575]Hackle: Dun or grizzly dry fly

Pattern: Partridge and Yellow


575]Hook: Size 14 daichi 1110

(or any standard 14 dry fly hook)

575]Body: Yellow glitter thread

575]Thorax: Peacock hurl or peacock dubbing

575]Hackle: Brown partridge feather

Comment: Dennis will do a series of flies featuring glitter thread.


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