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One-Fly Night - SA Hopper

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On One-Fly night, the presenter will demonstrate one pattern - leaving time for club members to tye one for themselves at the end of the demo. The speaker will then be available to help coach others in a 'mini free-tye' session specific to that pattern. Bring your own vice and materials !


Speaker: Dennis Southwick

Pattern: SA Hopper


Hook Wet fly - # 8 to # 14 - 2XL

Thread 6/0 or 8/0 tan

Tail: Red Deer Hair

Rib: Tan Hackle

Body: Yellow craft foam

Underwing: Crystal Flash

Wing: Natural Deer Hair

Thorax: Yellow Dubbing

Hackle Grizzly saddle


Comment: This pattern was developed by a Roman Scharabun, an NLFT&F member who passed away in 2005. The pattern evolved from a Sofa Pillow but was designed to

incorporate strike triggers and float in the surface film


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