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Caddis Patterns

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January 4th

Caddis Patterns

Presenter: Dave Murray (Wooley)

Pattern: Cased Caddis

Hook: Mustad 9671 # 10 and 12

Thread: 8/0 - olive

Body: Tan Whitlock Mix or brown wool

Ribbing: 1 or 2 cheap hackles clipped short

Beard: Soft brown hackle

Pattern: Sparkle Pupa

Hook: Mustad 3399 - #12

Thread: 8/0 - Cream

Trailing Shuck: Cream antron folded back over body

Body: Green antron

Beard: Brown saddle hackle

Head Ostrich herl

Pattern: Hyatts Caddis

Hook: Mustad 9843 # 10 and 12

Thread: 8/0 - brown

Butt: Peacock herl

Body: Deer hair

Hackle Grizzly mixed with brown

Comment: Dave will demonstrate a trio of caddis patterns representing various stages of the insect’s life.



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