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Woolleys Flies

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Woolley's Flies

Presenter: Dave Murray

Pattern: Quill Body

Hook: #14 Dry fly (1x light if possible)

Thread: Olive 70 dernier,8/0 thread

Body: Olive died quill

Wing post: olive or brown poly pro...wing post

Hackle: olive, tan or died grizzly hackle


Pattern: Hares Ear Dry

Hook: Size 4 to 12 2x long, 2x fine (Mustad 94831)

Thread: Grey 70 dernier (8/0)

Tail: Dark Dun Hackle fibres

Body: Dark grey Antron, hares ear mix

Light grey Antron, hares ear mix

Wing Post: Mixed cream and light grey Antron fibres Hackle: light dun tied as a parachute


Pattern: Bullet Head Hopper

Hook: Size 4 to 12 2x long, 2x fine (Mustad 94831)

Thread: Yellow 140 dernier, 6/0 thread

Rib: brown saddle hackle clipped short

Body: yellow Antron dubbing

Tail: small loop of closed cell yellow foam

Wing: Under wing; Olive Deer or elk hair

Over wing; mottled hen hackle,

(Indian hackle feather)

Head: Dark Deer or elk hair (bullet head)

Comment: Woolley will demonstrate three interesting patterns. The bullet head only if time permits


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