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Damsel Patterns

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Presenter: Dave Robinson

Pattern: Doc Spratley

Hook: Wet fly #6 to #10

Thread: Black 6/0

Tail: Pheasant tail fibres

Rib: Flat silver tinsel

Body: Black yarn or floss

Beard: Grizzly hackle or guinea foul

Wing: Pheasant rump, natural

Head: Peacock herl

Comment: The venerable Doc Spratley is a very effective pattern on the local pothole lakes. It was developed by Dick Prankard who named it in honor of dentist Dr. Don Spratley who lived in Mt Vermont Washington. It is a very popular BC lake fly. It mostly likely imitates the nymphs of small dragon flies and damsel flies.

Pattern: Marabou Nymph

Hook: Bent shank wet fly #8 to #10

Weight: Fine lead wire

Thread: 6/0 Color to suit

Tail: Marabou fibres

Rib: Fine copper wire

Body: Wound marabou color to suit

Wingcase: Marabou color to suit

Comment The variation I use is pretty skinny. It is intended to imitate small leeche sand damsel fly nymphs. It’s a simple pattern to tie, but quite effective. The only special part is the use of a bent hook.



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