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Furled Body Flies

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Furled Body Flies

Presenter: Dennis Southwick

Pattern: Furled Body Hopper

Hook: Scud hook #12

Thread: 8/0 color to suit

Body: Green and yellow Antron yarn

Thorax: Dubbing to suit

Wing: Deer hair and Crystal flash

Pattern: Furled Body Green Drake

Hook: Scud hook #12

Thread: 8/0 Olive

Body: Green Antron

Wing: Deer hair

Thorax: Peacock dubbing

Hackle: Green Saddle hackle

Pattern: Furled Body Emerger

Hook: Scud hook #14

Thread: 8/0 to suit pattern colors

Body: Dark Antron

Thorax: Dark Dubbing

Gills: White Antron

Comment: Dennis will show us some interesting variations of patterns that use a furled body. “Furled” means heavily twisted yarn that actually twists back on itself.



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