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Beginner Session - Dennis Southwick

Event details


Instructor: Dennis Southwick

Pattern: Clouser Minnow

Hook: Daichi 2546 - #4 or #2stainless steel

Thread: 3/0 or 6/0 white

Eyes: Tungsten Dumbbell – medium large

Underwing: Polar Bear – white (natural)

Overwing: Icelandic Sheep – color of choice

Comment: Dennis will have a small discussion on how and when Bob created the fly.

Pattern: Stinger Hook Flys

Hook: Two Daichi 2546 - #4 or #2 stainless steel

Thread: 6/0 black

Body: Purple glitter thread and purple cactus chenille

Connector: 25 pound Berkley firewire

Tail: Polar Bear – white (natural)

Collar: White marabou

Hackle: Guinea fowl – large spotted

Comment: Dennis will sow how to tie this interesting streamer variation and will discuss rigging.


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