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Updated 11/06/2006.

Phil Rowley


Monday, November 20, 2006


We meet in the Art Studio at the Central Lion's Seniors Centre (11113 113 Street) at 7:30 pm


Phil Rowley will be talking about close-up photography, in particular photographing artificial flies and natural insects.


Phil is the rep for Superfly and along with Brian Chan, has released a new signature line of tying materials called Stllwater Solutions. Phil is also a member of the Outcast Boats and Bare pro sports team and is associated with many other companies including Sage, 3M Scientific Anglers, Islander Reels, Mustad, Scotty products and much, much more.


Phil Rowley Biography from Danica.com


Phil Rowley's website Fly Craft Angling


Everyone is welcome to attend.




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