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Gretchen and Al Beatty will join us for another meeting.  This time the topic is using a rotary vise to help tie a Stimulator.  
Meeting is at 7 pm.  Signon details can be found at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
Materials list is attached. 


No program, just join the Zoom and tie and talk with others.  We are going to try this on the even Wednesdays. 
Instructions for joining the Zoom can be found on our website at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom


Jess Reilly from AEP and Lesley Peterson from TUC will talk about the e-DNA study of bull trout on the Tay River.  Plus work on Rocky Creek and Fall Creek. 
Background here:  https://www.ucalgary.ca/news/birds-eye-view-saving-bull-trout
Signon info for our Zoom meetings is at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom


Join us for a tie and talk session.  No program, but people will describe what they are tying.  Last session about half the people were tying and the rest were watching. 
Everyone is welcome to attend.  
Instructions for our ZOOM meetings can be found at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom

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