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An Angels Cause!

help good will spring clean up

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#1 Kristi


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Posted 10 May 2018 - 12:50 PM

Happy Hello to all,

My name is Kristi Kinoshita and I’m from Edmonton, I am writing today on behalf of a little girl named Alison who needs help she is almost 2 years old, this little angel goes between both loving parents but there is one major problem...this ray of sunshine has nothing at her very brand new place with her mommy. Nothing to make a home with. They move into their new house at the end of May beginning of June =)

See her mommy just got approved for an apartment. I am very excited for this little girl.. I just want this little girl to have a little something at her mommy's house.  I also would like her mommy to have some items she can start a home with..

This young lady, her name is Latisha and she's currently living with her sister after she had gone her separate way from her baby's dad. Latish walked out with what she moved in with very little. She left everything for her daughter at the daughter’s daddy's house.

Latish slept in a room with her daughter at her sister’s house for over a year, saving money for an apartment not spending anything. Well she's saved enough to get rent, damage, bills, and groceries for several months and of course to keep AB blue-cross going. Until she settles into her new house and gets back to her job.

The one thing this little girl doesn't have at her brand new house with her mommy is the items that create a house items like a bed or dresser... her mommy doesn't have dishes pots, pans, kitchen table or a bed for herself either. Seriously this Loving Duo has nothing but their clothing and the couple items I have given them over the last two years..  I am asking all my friends EVERYONE I know if they have one thing they can donate to an angels cause. If there are repeats its ok I will take them and exchange them at another eco station or good will, sort or trade them with another friend who needs something. Anything is good.. I have a couch, a TV and a couple kitchen items I am giving her.

Please take a look and if you have something... anything you can contact me and I can come pick it up or we can make arrangements for you to drop it off, THANK you all in advance...please call if you have questions, 1-780-887 4305 every little bit helps!! Please if you know anyone that may be able to help this little girl share this message and ask everyone you know. If you know of any places that are low cost no cost I can go raid please tell me as I want this little girl my, my granddaughter to live life without knowing poverty at her mommy's house.


Thanks Again and

Deepest, most kindest regards

Kristi Kinoshita.

The Knotty Angler

#2 Gizmo


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Posted 11 May 2018 - 12:44 AM

Have got some stuff to go through does this wee one need a bed still?


#3 Kristi


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Posted 11 May 2018 - 12:50 AM

Yes Alison need's a bed, anything like a crib or playpen is great. even just a mattress to put on the floor I'm sure would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.

The Knotty Angler

#4 Kristi


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Posted Today, 04:33 AM

OK Gang!!!

I have given everyone a we bit of time now to check and double check to see if you have anything you need to rid yourselves of.. I'm now doing a follow up with everyone I have emailed.


Last I spoken of an angels cause and this wee angel her name is Alison, Alison is my grand daughter and her mommy has worked very hard to get a house to live in. I am proud of my grand-daughters mommy she's done well with some help along the way!  All during this time she has forgotten to set aside money to make the inside of the house to call a home.


So last email I had emailed all my friends and all my family to band together and help me make the contend of a home for my grand daughter...


Well I am brought to tears my own family and extended family has supported my call for help where they have been able to help. One of my best friends; friends helped and I am ever so very thankful.. nothing has to be perfect WE understand beggars cant be choosers. WE are just thankful! indeed thankful. Well in short I am still looking for help with:

Kitchen dishes

bedroom furniture, the wee babe has no bed to call her own nor does her mom

A used play pen is sufficient for now a bed for mom would be great because the couch I am giving her is not fit to sleep on lol this I know. 

​baby hangers

​bedroom furniture for mom 

​REALLY anything you can think of as we (I) can exchange it and trade it in other moms groups that need items if I do get repeats! 


​Greatest and many thanks in advance 

​Kristi Kinoshita 

The Knotty Angler

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