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Event: Apr 18 - Kirby Coderre - Mid-Life Flysis

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Added by kemo99 , 05 Feb 2018

Taking place 18 Apr 2018 07:00 PM (Single Day Event)


On the 18th Kirby from Okotoks will be visiting and
sharing some of his knowledge and experience in fishing for cutthroats in our mountain streams. He has some great photography to share too. You may want to
check out some of his U-Tube videos in advance of his visit, Just google  'mid-life flysis' - that's not a typo! 
Apr 18 - Mid-Life Flysis

We've invited Kirby Coderre from Okotoks to share some of his knowledge and experience in fishing the streams of southern Alberta and some of the flies that he has found to be most effective. He'll also be tying a couple of his favourite patterns.  Kirby is a teacher, coach, avid flyfisher and outdoorsman.  He has a number of excellent YouTube videos with some great photography.  For a preview Google 'Mid-Life Flysis'  " A channel all about fly fishing in Alberta Canada, the fish, the techniques, the flies (and how to tie them).  The videos here are the chronology of my "Mid-Life Flysis" and adventures into the wilds of Southern Alberta!"