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Found 1 result

  1. Hook - #6 2xl streamer Thread - 6/0 or 8/0 colour doesn't matter (​I used 6/0 Onyx) Bead - 5/32" gold (I used 5/32'' Disco Bead Gold)Tail - UV kingfisher blue marabouBody - glo-brite chenille flo-red (​I used Chrystal chenille Fire Orange)Hackle - orange grizzly Hen Hackle (longer fibers than rooster hackle) ​Add bead, pinch barb, mount hook ​dress hook add marabou (tail) ​(I probably added less than I actually should or could have added for the tail) Lay hackle down on secured marabou, Tie in hackle just at the tip point of the hook secure the hackle with serval tight wraps and cut the hackle tip off. ​tie in chenille (to build the body where the marabou narrows on the hook I double wrap the chenille to create a torpedo like body, you will see in the next picture the shape I am talking about) ​Wrap chenille Lock chenille (​see the shape of the chenille body ... thicker behind the bead head...!!!) ​Wrap hackle Lock hackle (over time I have made my own habits and techniques and my flies may not look like yours or that of anyone else's and that's ok for them to be different! Can you see a difference between my fly and yours already? ) Tie head and whip finish Happy tying and I'd love to see your flies!!! Send me a picture of your fly and the recipe you followed and you will be entered into a draw to win some SWAG it could be anything from a fly box to a t- shirt a cap or a buff a couple stickers who knows but its swag we all like swag, free stuff you can't go wrong there... email me at http://members@nlft.org
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