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Found 1 result

  1. Here is another simple fly to tie. (photos to follow) Brown Hackle PeacockHook: wet fly 6-14Thread: Black 6/0Body: peacock herl spun into ropeHackle: brown Step 1: Dress the shank of the hook with thread. Step 2: Gather 5-10 strands of peacock herl and cut off top 1” of tips. The tips are the weakest part of the herl. Step 3: Tie in peacock herl tips the length of the shank, leaving room for the hackle and head (about 2 eye widths) Step 4: wrap the peacock herl counterclockwise around the thread about 7 to 10 times. Step 5: Grasp the herl and thread together and wrap to the point where tips of herl were tied off. Step 6: Cut the butt of the brown hackle where it starts getting fluffy. Cut the hackle fibres on the sides of the stem for about 2-3 mm leaving short stubs. Step 7: Tie in the hackle stem and wrap the hackle around shank three or four times. Tie off hackle. Step 8: Wrap thread to make head and force hackle fibres back. Whip finish the head. Cement.
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