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  1. Is the boat launch get open yet ?
  2. dude i was standing by you when you halled that thing in it was funny you should have whent around to the other side like me thay where rises all over\ landed 2 on a bead head prince
  3. i live hear in leduc and i fish it from time to time and all i can say is there are some big lunkers in there but thay are hard to come by ! it is slow............. rarely see any risers
  4. i will be heading out there probely on sat hopefully the water will be a lil clearer
  5. hey are those pics from sunday \
  6. well i went ot today to the n.raven still a lil high never saw a rise all day but oh well i see some of the banks are starting to fall away ! all in all it was a great day
  7. well i am leaving at 9 am if any on wants to tag along call me before 8 @ 232-4293
  8. i will be there on sun too !! a buddy of mine was theer on tue he said is was clear so.......
  9. well i will be there on sat
  10. yaes the adams river is good too ! but this time of year the salmon are running to spawn there ! yes there are alot of other fish that cum up to feed on there eggs \ but is just not worth fishing there this time of year cuzz its just to hard cuzz you will be foul hooking the salmon is best to hit this river in the spring !
  11. who do you work for ! cuzz we rent a cabin on mara too ! from a guy by the name of del the fly fishing on mara can be hard ! you can try a buck tail on sinking line or a doc spratly the best spot is at the mouth of sicamous creek but i would still go to 3 valley gap you should drive buy it on your way in to sicamous depending on what way you go !
  12. hi i spend 2 weeks every year out there and i have fished the whole area youre best bet would be to go tho white lake west of salmon arm is a 45min to hr drive from sicamouse go to spirit pond sports in town and ask don where the hot spots are he will tell you some more there some big bows to be had at white lake my best is 6 1/2 pounds and one more hot spot is right at three valley gap that lake is packed full of wild rainbows ! it is may fave some lakers in there too! well have fun if i where you i would get out the belly boat and head to the gap put un a size 16 to a 12 royal wulff or bead head prince nymph and you should have some fun well got to go !
  13. i thing you guys better head out to nort raven this time of year
  14. so you went to phillis lake ! you said you got som perch there well thats funny cuzz i wazz there for 3 days this week ad i got nothing but a wack of rainbows it was great ! what where you using i was using a 12# adams and a 14# prince and it was great there are some monsters in there this is the only small lake i have ever seen 6 to 7 pound bows as for the perch is there is there is not many ? maby you ment that you were at swan lake i dont no!
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