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  1. A thank you to Don for keeping us posted on this very important issue and for the background as detailed by Peter (via Don) on the history of Stauffer. Thanks to Michael for posting a PDF map link to the properties. Vince
  2. The interview was excellent. The two of you did a first class job....thank you. Vince
  3. This years auction was a first class event. Many thanks to all involved in making it an awesome night. Lots of members had a hand in making it a success and fun filled night and I'd like to say thank you to each and everyone that worked hard in making sure the event went smoothly. Job well done you guys. Vince
  4. Ken An awesome video. Job well done. Vince
  5. Way to go Paul....I'm very happy for you. Vince
  6. Emmerson Congrats on winning the bamboo rod....what a way to start the year off eh. Vince
  7. Dan Nice tye on the Hippie Stomper. Is the fly a good producer for you? I've heard a lot of good news on the pattern but have not tyed any up yet so I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the pattern. Vince
  8. Peter Well done...thank you. Vince
  9. A Very Merry Christmas to all...hope that Santa has brought you all that you wished for. Vince
  10. Wow...hard to believe but a picture confirms it. Vince
  11. Don Once again thank you for the up-date. Vince
  12. Don Thanks for the up-date and please keep us posted...we appreciate it. Vince
  13. Peter An awesome event for sure. Way too many people to thank on an iddividual basis so I'll just say a big THANK YOU to all that contributed in making this years auction a huge success. Vince
  14. A huge thank you once again to Don for the bamboo rod donation. Looks like I may have to double up on the number of raffle tickets I purchase. Vince
  15. Dan Unreal what some people will do. It's just not the price to replace the gas that was stolen it's the price of replacing the gas tank. Once again Dan I'm sorry to hear what happened and with some good luck it won't happen again. Vince
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