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  1. Great video It has been fun working on this project. Keep up the great work. Dennis S.
  2. heard it was a great time hopefully next yr. Paul the Athabascan is one of Alberta's jems. Way to go. Tight lines always. Dennis S
  3. Do to weather and water levels cancelling this Freeman R. fishing outing. Will try again. Dennis S
  4. Quentin glad to hear your going to be back out to the club again. As Paul and Peter said a lot of the same faces just a bit older. We do have some up and coming new faces. Be sure you bring your water wings with you. It has been one heck!!!!!!!!!! of a wet summer. Dennis S
  5. Hoping to try and fish the Freeman on Thur. jul. 25 for the Grayling survey. Will be at Tim's on 23Ave & Rabbithill Rd. weather permitting leaving at 7am. I have space for 3 more people. Dennis S
  6. Ken great to see and hear. Tight Lines Always Dennis S.
  7. Fish being caught Dennis S
  8. 2019 reg. Delayed possibly end of the month. New 2019 Licences are out. Dennis S.
  9. Peter great letter. Please keep us informed The Freeman R is one of our important Grayling stream. Dennis S.
  10. Like Paul my Khironomid is new never been fished but pretty sure it will work. The KK Khironomid( Krienik Khironomid) bet you can't guess what the major component is. Apr. 17 sounds great Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  11. JP good to have you in there is a Gazillion to pick from. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  12. Got mine done, never been seen or fished. Not sure what to call it yet. Need more tyres to make this swap better. Tight lines always Dennis S.
  13. count me not sure what I will tie yet. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  14. Peter great letter. Hit the major concerns dead on. DennisS
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