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    Red Deer River

    The bobber pool is easy to find and/or see. Just look for the big slippery rock with skid marks. LOL With all the slime in the river, it does make for a treacherous walk. Careful foot placement is required. Until the next plunge Paulf
  2. Paulf

    Red Deer River

    Back from a good day on the Red Deer River. First I tried up at the dam itself, near the buoys. Saw lots of whites, only one bump. Went to the fast water just down stream, could not keep them off. The prince and pheasant tail, both with orange butt, were working fine. Tried it further down stream, a couple of hits, but no landing success. Walked back upstream, caught a few where they always load up water. This is where I caught the biggest fish of the day, a +/- 20". Saw a few browns, but that is all it was. When I reacted to seeing them, they flew the coup. Then tried the section down at RR20. Had success there as well. All whites were huge in this area. Nothing smaller than 15". Lots of fish rising, could not tell what they were feeding on. I was on the water by 8:30 and off the water by 3:30. Fun day, good ole Red Deer River. Thats it for now Paulf
  3. Heading out to fish the Red Deer River on Monday. Leave early. Meet at Humptys at Ellerslie Road at 6:30 AM. Maybe stop for something to eat in Slyvan Lake. Should be on the water by 9:30 am. Fish for Rockies or maybe even tie into a nice brown. Thanks Paul F
  4. Paulf

    Muir Lake

    When we were out there on Saturday, we talked to a few of the boating members. They do have another lake that they run on, it is located west of the city limits on the north side of the Yellowhead highway just east of the Anthony Henday turnoff. Their problem with this lake is that it gets too windy and they are unable to race. That is when they looked around and found Muir Lake. It's the story they told us. While watching them race, we noticed that one of the boats veered off course and very narrowly missing a fisher in a belly boat. A close call indeed. One would hate to see what kind of damage that these boats could inflict if they did come in contact with something or someone. Now to fishing stories.Fishing was excellent Saturday. Leech pattern on a sink tip with slight jerking motions almost always triggered a hit and as well the chironomids were a hit as well. Paulf
  5. Paulf

    Looks good

    Awesome job. Just in time for the up and coming fishing season.
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