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  1. Hey All, I just wanted to give Everyone a heads-up on Poachers at Muir Lake. Last night as I was getting ready to launch my pontoon boat at Muir Lake, I noticed about a dozen adults and children getting ready to go fishing. They then fanned out along the shoreline in front and beside the boat launch. I noticed that they all had bobbers with what appeared to be a pickeral rig set up with two levels of hooks. I did not however see what they were using. When I took my pontoon boat and launched it, I asked the two boys next to me what they were using for BAIT... and they said WORMS !! Well,
  2. I went there today. The only place I saw open was at the boast launch, where the ice was out maybe 5' from shore. The north end of the lake still has ice up to the shoreline. I really think 7-10 before we fish it this year. Also, I don't really think there is going to be much more water in Muir this Spring. Hopeflly I'm wrong ?
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for sales people to help out during our Xmas rush. If you have a good attitude, enjoy working in a fast paced and friendly environment, and especially like people who like talking fishing all day, I would like to talk to you. For further information, please contact. The Fishin' Hole - North 12719-97 Street PH: 475-0555 E-mail: north@thefishinhole.com Brian Wiebe - Manager
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