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  1. Yes the flow rates are very high now. It looks like there is about a 2 days between the start of the rain and the rivers rising sharply
  2. I was looking at the Alberta Environment river flow rates website and ran across some of the locations have cameras showing the river. Does anyone know if they plan to add cameras at more locations? It is super useful. The ram river looks pretty low despite the rain. I'm surprised the flow rates are not up that much with all the rain.
  3. Re: BBQ There was a suggestion from the fly line round table to bring out your fly lines to BBQ to test drive different brands and weights. I will have a 4 wt. DT 406 line to test out as well as a 5 wt Royal Wulff Bamboo fly line (long belly) and 7 wt line SA MPX Wavelength from the discontinued bin. It would be a great opportunity to find out what fits your rod and casting style.
  4. This is awesome information. Thanks Peter
  5. 5 got off before I manage to get this guy
  6. fishlover


    Does anyone get out for a couple of hours on the river in the afternoon next week? I'm free to try out any section in the city to warm up my casting and see if the walleye are biting
  7. thanks I might have to try out Slater's Lake this year
  8. Wow I felt like a kid at Christmas going through the flies when I got home. Thanks everyone I'm humbled by everyone's tying ability. And thanks to Stan for spoiling us all with his box of flies.
  9. I'm done and have put them in the glove box of the car so I don't forget them on Wednesday Like Jock Scott,I wasn't happy with the results so tied up another pattern and will submit as one unit, Okay Dokey & Holographic Grey Boy
  10. Thanks for sharing Peter. It was good that describe their methodology and the error range with in it.
  11. Has anyone fished the spring arctic grayling run in Kasika River NWT near Hay River? I have fish fever bad and I'm just day dreaming of trips. It sounds like timing is everything for this trip. Thanks
  12. I'll try to add Cortland, Orvis, Monic and Loop when I get more free time. The 406 line is suppose to similar to original Cortland's 444. From the meeting last night for moving water Rio Gold got mention often follow by Cortland 444
  13. Attached is a pdf file of a chart I have started of some different fly lines with some notes and lengths of tapers where available. I'll post jpg if the pdf isn't visible. It's 3 pages . Fly lines.pdf
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