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  1. We are on a slippery slope.... Although I do not disagree with the SARA amendments, we must be cautious in the response. Angling, catch and release, does in fact constitute "harm and harass"....Are we not hypocritical? Do I want full scale closures?....no...but I am playing devil's advocate... I would also submit that logging and resultant increased water temps from that logging has resulted in a significant decline in cold water species numbers ( among other factors). Does logging and its resultant effects not constitute damage to the residence of that species? It just seems that COSEWIC has no difficulty putting species on the SARA list...but doesn't really offer any productive solutions. Once a new species is put on the list...groups seek exemptions to sections 32 and 33....just sayin'... The definition above of special concern is given as“a wildlife species that may become a threatened or an endangered species because of a combination of biological characteristics and identified threats.” If the threat has been identified...shut it down....That seems to be a road that DFO doesn't have the courage to go down....
  2. Sad news.... I remember Herb from the old TU Edmonton days. He was a colorful character that will be missed.
  3. Access can be found.... A few words of advice though; 1) Swan Hills mud is among the worst I have experienced....when it rains up there....and it does...those roads/trails that were a piece of cake going in, will be murder coming out... 2) A map or satellite view is essential....those oilfield roads will lead you in circles... 3) To be safe...don't camp near either of the streams you mentioned....rain in the Hills can make these creeks rise several meters overnight! 4) Of course you can't talk about this area without mentioning Grizzlies....be cautious...enough said.
  4. Many thx Pauline!!! Works like a charm now!
  5. Thx for the update Don. That certainly is one of the problems we face....at many of our EDM TU meetings (before amalgamation with NLFT) the lack of recruitment was evident....as the room consisted of only us gray haired folk.....
  6. First visit to the new forum layout....things look fresh and great. But, I'm still feeling my way around and it will take some time to get familiar with things in the new layout. One question though; When I look at the "Fish and Wildlife Management" section...it says there are supposed to be 21 topics.....yet, only ONE topic shows up.....what happened to the older ones?..... I suppose this issue applies to the other subforums as well, but I have not had a chance to check.
  7. Don; I'm fully familiar with the area on Stauffer you speak of....and have noticed the same thing over the past few years. I'm not sure what the background is to this thead....but, my question is: what has happened to beaver management on Stauffer?....wait, I think I already know the answer to that so, let me rephrase it...why has there been no beaver management on Stauffer in recent years? Isn't ACA getting enough money from us? BTW, everytime I've been there in the past 4 years I have manually picked,poked and opened up two of the dams....only to see them rebuilt by the next outing. Perhaps it is time to get the "defender" out of the closet again....
  8. Ummmmm.....actually quite a few typo's...... Didn't purposely look for any but, two that stuck out are; 1) Don Andersen's name is spelled wrong! 2)The second "Intro to Flyfishing seminar" is quoted on page one as being April 4th and 5th....on page two it is shown as June 4th and 5th????? BTW...is there no Conservation meeting in May?
  9. First, let me say....I miss Denny's! I did not vote...but I agree wholeheartedly with "Junior". Being a flyfisherman of 30+ years, I'll also add a few thoughts; 1) The days of specialized retail stores are gone....everything is "big box" geared today. "Carry only the stock that moves out the door quickly....nobody will buy that package of baboon pubic hair". High volume, somewhat lower margin. Quality?....heck why should we carry that?...we'll sell crap that breaks in two years to get a return sale. Has anyone tried to buy a Hardy reel, a Wheatley fly box locally lately? 2) A shop like Denny's would require something called customer interaction and customer service, along with product knowledge. It would also require someone with a serious passion for the sport...and some deep pockets for the business. Most (not all) of the staff in the local shops know very little about the products they sell, even less about the items they don't....like the two mentioned above for example. Local shops don't want to pay for knowledgeable staff......they hire the cheapest, untrained people they can find...they get what they pay for. Some lack even basic social skills. We, as customers don't seem to mind.... By the way...I'm not picking on local fishing shops....it's the same story throughout the retail business... 3) Another obstacle may be the changing demographic. There are a lot of grey hairs in the sport...I'm not convinced the recruitment is there... I will differ on two of Juniors points; The fear of on-line sales should NOT be a factor....why couldn't the "Denny" like retail store also offer on-line sales in addition to the brick and mortar shop? If I recall correctly in my discussions with Reg over the years....mail order was a large component of his business. I know Dragon Troller can chime in here.... Regarding the "non-retail" Superfly shop....I think it's a non flyer. Why have the retail store as the middleman? If Superfly thinks a standalone retail store is viable....they should have the business balls to give it a try under their own banner. In summary, I think that we as customers have molded our own retail destiny.....we want the cheapest items....that's what we are getting, at the expense of service and selection. Perhaps, in time the pendulum will swing back the other way..... BTW....did I say that I miss Denny's?
  10. Yes...indeed it does. I picked up a nasty virus from there on Mar 16th....took me half a day to clean my machine. So...I haven't been back to Doc's site since. Let us know when you clean things up there Doc....
  11. dave robinson; It is clearly apparent from the tone of your last two posts that your position on maintaining status quo is one that will not be changed....and, as such I will not take the time to rebut each of your points. However, I would like to reiterate one of my points....one that perhaps you missed; "Furthermore, in ALL cases, it must be understood that any form of licensing program should NOT constitute granting of any RIGHTS to guides on any piece of water in this Province....nor should there be any implications of such." Second, although I am somewhat familiar with the BC freshwater fishing regulations, could you please direct me to the section that requires hiring of a guide in order to fish on classified waters. Could you also please elaborate on your statement that BC uses "guide licensing to restrict access to the best water in the province". In closing, given your strong opinion(s) on this subject....I would encourage you to take the opportunity to attend the meeting and voice your concerns there.
  12. The fisheries of the Province of Alberta are a Public resource. They are owned by you and I as Albertans. Every activity that PROFITS (or attempts to profit) from a resource that you and I own...must pay some form of restitution back to the rightful owners of that resource. Oil, gas and other resource companies pay royalties. Forestry companies pay fees. Why should fishing guides that use our resource be exempt from this? Why should they not contribute some of their income to go directly back into that resource? Understand that this is not an issue of trying to protect a client from a shady guide or unsatisfactory guide experience...it is an issue of trying to protect our resource and our right to enjoyment of same. In some cases...people that fish for profit are already impacting you and I, the public user, in our angling experiences. It is happening on the Bow, the Crow, The Red Deer, the Ram....and yes, even on the North Raven....just to name a few. Currently, the provincial government has NO idea how great the impact of guiding is on the recreational Albertan user. Nor do they know how great the impact of guiding is to the fishery itself. They don't even know how many guides there are....how many trips....how many fish caught....how many fish killed. With the obvious decline in the fishery in the province, it is becoming more and more important to understand the impact of what is becoming a larger and larger component of the resource user base...the guiding industry. It has taken the Provincial roundtable over three years to finally implement a ban on "for Profit" tournament fishing and take the first steps in instituting restrictions and monitoring for "non-profit" tournaments. It will take time to understand the impacts of those allowed tournaments on specific fisheries. In order to better understand the implications of guiding on OUR resource...the logical first step is to license and monitor guiding activities.....funded by monies collected from fees paid by guides, or should I say, their clients. In ALL cases the health of the fishery should be paramount....secondly should be the RIGHT of you and I, the owners of the resource, to enjoy that recreational fishery without impact from those that profit from it. Remember that the next time you fish Stauffer, and have three guides each with a client situated every 200 yards on a creek that is less than 2 meters wide in some spots. Do the guides care about your angling experience?....doubtful, I'm sure they are more concerned about the $600USD that they will collect from each of their clients. Furthermore, in ALL cases, it must be understood that any form of licensing program should NOT constitute granting of any RIGHTS to guides on any piece of water in this Province....nor should there be any implications of such. The argument that "allowing the free market to operate" with regard to the future of the fisheries of this Province...is, quite frankly, not very compelling. A final note....I would submit that the $300K number thrown out as a cost to implement such a licensing program is unfounded....and likely suggested as a scare tactic by those opposed to the licensing idea. It certainly is not costing $300K yearly for the tournament program.
  13. So, Morph1...how did you make out?
  14. @Doc...sorry, I've been away for a bit. I really only have two things to add to your reply; 1) Again, I think you are missing the focus..As I stated, I understand that identifying the total number of users is important. But that information alone tells you nothing! What is far more important from a fisheries management perspective is : What is the fish mortality as a result of user impact? In other words....for example, Our total number of users this year (excluding seniors) may kill far more fish than the TOTAL number of users next year (INCLUDING seniors). Again, I'm not opposed to licensing of seniors/kids...but the point I am trying to make is that the total number of people fishing is NOT directly proportional to the number of fish killed. 2) Regarding the "bigger picture"...perhaps I did not make myself clear here. What I was trying to say was that it is apparent that there are many other factors that have a much larger impact on the health of a particular fishery than recreational use. Some of those factors appear to be environmental...yet others are obviously industrial/resource development in nature. So, we count the number of seniors/kids that fish, we make them fish barbless, we limit the number and size of fish they can keep, we limit the times they can fish.....THEN we allow corporations to destroy the river by "mining" out the river itself...(upper Mcleod/tribs for coal, Muskeg for tar sand as examples) Another example...what do you think has had more impact on grayling distribution in this province? Overfishing...or higher water temperatures? That is why when we look for solutions...we need to fully understand the problems first.
  15. Sorry for this late reply...It's probably too late for morph1 to see before his trip.. But... here is the link to the Parks fishing regs(synopsis)Park fishing synopsis @ Dave; Yes I see that they have also closed Jacques year round now....it was an undiscovered little gem...it has been about a dozen years since I fished it last. As for the fishing closure of Maligne river till August 1 due to protection of the wood ducks...I know that was the "official" reason....but, did they also ban the whitewater rafters on that reach of river during that time? The mountain parks as a fishing destination?...daily fishing license + daily park pass + Hotel accomodation + gas + Jasper resaurant food...for lakes that haven't been stocked in years = the main reasons I haven't seriously fished the parks for at least ten years. For any of you that remember what fishing was like there in the 60's to 80's, compared to now...you will understand.
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