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  1. I recently acquired an old shaving brush, that was made sometime in the 1950's. I'm trying to figure out what fly pattern is in the handle. Any ideas?
  2. lol - thx for the wishes - it was a good one I never had an issue with b-day close to Christmas
  3. fyi - Trout Unlimited in the US has a very active twitter account: http://twitter.com/troutunlimited - and over 1700 followers Hi Vince - haven't you been getting the Fly Fusion mag - along with the Currents insert?
  4. Sorry to resurrect this - but Twitter would also be an excellent means of promoting the January Fly Tying events - as well as casting clinics. Posts could be automated as weekly meeting reminders, and also to promote new posts to the web site, promote the videos that were recently added to youtube(great job btw!), and so on...
  5. Great story Dennis! - sounds like a blast! One of these days I'll have to see if I can't tag along... My Jeep has a winch that I don't get a chance to use often ;^) Sorry I don't have any stories myself - I have only been out one afternoon this season! Next year will be different for sure!
  6. That way you could have pictures in your book too!
  7. No problem Vince! At the bottom of the main forum page, there's a section "Forthcoming Calendar Events within the next 14 days" - easily overlooked I think
  8. Boys What's going on tonight? http://forum.nlft.org/index.php?act=calend...mp;event_id=166 Swan Lake flies...
  9. Hope you have a good one old man ! Cheers
  10. Yep - my Facebook account has gone the way of the dodo as well... thanks for tweeting the link Greg! "users don't use Facebook, Facebook uses users"
  11. What about RB's suggestion in the small fly swap thread? ;^) The Procrastinator ... which reminds me... you get your flies done yet? lol
  12. Being unable to make it out to the meeting last Wednesday it was great being able to watch the twitvid - nice job Lance! Now, this club to the south - I really - I mean REALLY like this aspect of their meeting nights :^) Gonna have to swing by Sherbrooke and see if they stock it now!
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