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  1. I had a great time fishing with Dipperdan and Paul last Saturday. We started out on Ironside in the late am. Big fish of the lake was an 18" by the Dipper, I think on a backswimmer. My 16" rainbow hit a size 16 purple marabo leech. That turned out to be my hot fly for the day. All of us caught a bunch of stockers in the 7"-9" range. They will grow up for next year. At mid-late afternoon we went to Beaver. The wind had died down and the lake looked beautiful. About 50 m from shore, Paul had a nice hit. About 30 seconds later I got a 17" on the purple leech. I was basically trolling with a slow sink I line, with a 2"/sec sink rate. That fly produced 3 more fish going 18, 19, and 21". We left the lake about 7:30 for the long drive back to Edmonton. It was a very good day on Beaver with those fiesty rainbows pulling me around. I am especially grateful and appreciative of Dipperdan for taking a foreigner out. He provided a float tube, fins, and transportation. What a guy! I want to thank Paul for showing me another technique for tying the balanced leech. Sharing flies, fishing tips, and a great day on the water made my trip to Edmonton one I will remember a long time. Thanks again guys, Dan from California
  2. Hi, I plan on fishing Muir or East Pit on Saturday June 21. If anyone would like to join me, please let me know. Cheers, Dan
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks for the invite to the club meeting. Can't make it this trip, but I will try next time I come to Edmonton. I had a friend recommend East Pit with chronomids. Has anyone fished there recently? Thanks, Dan
  4. Hello Fly Fishers, I teach part time in Edmonton at MacEwan University and am looking for someone to fish with. My home waters are in Northern California and I am a member of Diablo Valley Fly Fishers. I tie most of my flies and do both still water and river fishing. I am available June 15 or June 21. If anyone would like to wet a line with me and tell a few stories, I would really look forward to that. Cheers, Dan
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks so much for your hospitality. I have a nice layover in Edmonton from Sept 28 to the 30th. Then I have to drive down to Calgary. Gary Garhan has been so accommodating to take me out fishing. I am really looking forward to it. Tight lines, DanM
  6. Hello, I am a new instructor at the University of Alberta. Periodically I will fly into Edmonton to teach short courses in the School of Business. As an avid fly fisherman, I was hoping to bring my gear with me and get some fly fishing in. The club I belong to is Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen, which is a large club in Northern California (360 members). Here is our website: http://www.diablovalleyflyfish.org/. I fish for trout, bass, stripers, shad, steelhead, and salmon. As you can imagine, I know nothing about your rivers and lakes. I was wondering if any club members would like to fish with me, swap fish stories, and catch a fish or two. My next series of classes start on Sept 24 and end on Sept 27. I can be available to fish on Sunday the 23rd, Friday the 28th, or Sat the 29th. My phone number is 925-459-8755. Thanks very much. Kind regards, Dan Madison
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