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  1. Thanks Michael, now I've got a couple things to keep me busy for a couple months. Dave
  2. Great two days on the North Ram. Had the whole stretch from nice n' easy to the bridge all to myself. Caught a decent number of cutties and broke off a good number of flies on the ones I lost. Oh well. Lots of risers to size 16-18 adams' as per usual this time of year, and yes Jim, i did get one on the "hippie stomper" as well.
  3. Anybody planning on spending a couple days around the North Ram this week? I'm headed there on Wednesday if you're looking for company.
  4. What a great few days on the North Ram with a group of terrific fellas. Jim, wally Terry, Michael, Jimmy, Irwin and the rest of you, I had a great time and really appreciate you showing me the conclave ropes, even though i passed on all that scotch. The weather could've been better but the fishing was perfect...except for my last cast on the last day when a 20+ cuttie snapped my St. Croix Legend. If i can find the video on my laptop I'll post here. it was pretty funny, but i managed to handline it in anyway. Thanks again. Wish I could join you on The freeman this weekend, but the wife has other plans.
  5. Jim, just an update on the North Fork Road. I travelled it last Week and it was in fine shape (relatively speaking). It had just been graded and I didn't see any sign of construction work going on.Heading down on Tuesday and staying at Strachan campground for the night and then up to Nice & Easy. Dave
  6. Thanks Michael. I am looking forward to it if I can convince Fern to go.
  7. Not familiar with "Nice & Easy". Is it a private campground, or is it that horseback staging area on the NFR? I usual boondock further west.
  8. Planning a day trip up to the Little Smokey next Wednesday. Would welcome some company if anyone's interested. Wondering about the condition of the Bigstone Road too.
  9. Thanks Michael. I also found a website (Get Bit Outdoors) that sells new cork handles. Not sure if they have the one i need. Going to check further.
  10. I would very much appreciate any help you can give me. As soon as i uncork my next bottle of red, I'll try your suggestion to fill in the eaten area with the shaved cork. . Dave
  11. I wasn't sure where to place this one but i recently inherited a St. Croix Legend rod. Unfortunately it appears a mouse made a meal out of the cork handle. Does anyone know someone locally that could repair or replace it? TIA> Dave
  12. It's starting to get a little chilly at night so I'm going to give the N. Ram one last overnight trip tomorrow(Wednesday) and Thursday. The plan is to hit the N. Ram tomorrow and then head to the Prairie later in the day, camp overnight, fish the Prairie in the morning and the Stauffer in the afternoon. Last minute decision but if anyone's interested in joining me, send off a PM. Dave
  13. Has anyone been on the N. Ram recently. Planning a drive down there on Wednesday and Thursday. How are the river conditions?
  14. I read on another forum that East Pit was one of the locations.
  15. I have a 5 day trip planned for Mid-june to South-central Alaska. Two of those days will be spent fly fishing. The first trip is on the Susitna River for King Salmon, and Rainbows. Has anyone had any experience with this river that can offer some advice?
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