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  1. Of the Sturgeon you guys have seen so far have there been any in the under 50cm range? I'm curious to know how much reproduction is taking place.
  2. Wasn't worth fixing. Scrapped it and bought a 2000 Grand Cherokee.
  3. 7 lots. I assume the "park" in front is a 200 foot greenbelt which is required on any new developments near lake property. (If my memory serves me correct.) By the way this land (27 acres) was for sale in 1995 for $580,000, down from the original $850,000 asking price.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's 5 parcels Dave.
  5. Muir: Friday there was a fair amount of both backswimmers and boatman. No one was having a lot of luck mind you. Saturday the fishing was a little better although very few backswimmers or boatman seen. The fish are quite dispersed throughout the lake. Water temp is running around 60f on the surface so you should find them almost anywhere. I found some in 17ft of water and 1foot at around 8pm. 13 fish in about 13 hours of fishing between the two days. Not exactly spectacular.
  6. Sounds good Dennis. Thanks.
  7. Any word on who the presenters will be this year?
  8. Well they caught the punk. He is apparently and 18 or 19 year old badass. We’ll see if he lives up to his reputation when he in the big house. The guy lived a few doors down from where the pictures were taken. The neighbors heard the crash and 6 guys ran out then surrounded the little punk preventing him from leaving the yard. I’m not sure if any vigilante justice was served but I hope so. The police phoned me and I went down to the scene. We did the formalities, the officer drove the Jeep out, and then the officer told me the guy blew .250. Hopefully some guy is making love to him in the R
  9. Well I came home from fishing last night, parked my 95 Cherokee in the driveway, took most of my fly fishing gear out of the vehicle and put it in the garage. Go to bed, wake up in the morning, go to the garage, open the garage door and low and behold my Jeep isn't where I parked it last night. Actually I don't see it anywhere, gone, poof, disappearing act. Call the cops, their computers are down. Don't have a license number even. Go to registries, get license number, file police report, and wait, wait, wait. The stupid thing about it all? I knew that mid 90's Cherokees had a high vehicle t
  10. Morph I have a Minn Kota Maxxam 55 on a 14ft aluminum. I carry two 100 amp hour batteries. The Maxxum charge indicator has seldom indicated a full charge even when the batteries were new and fully charged. I may get 2 minutes of use before it goes to "Good". Once it goes into the "Low" indication range this means I have used about 1/4 of what I can get out of the battery. (3/4 charge still left) As Dave touched on, wait until the motor has been off for a minute or two before you press the test button as you may see that the battery indicator gives a different measure as compared to if you push
  11. I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade but is Facebook not an invitation to virus problems and such. I thought the whole "Social Networking"" thing was something to stay away from? No/yes? I have always stayed away from these type of sites. Having been on the internet since 1995, I have had one virus in all that time which took 12 hours to clean out. I have never continually used a virus program as protection because they slow my machine down too much. I am very careful as to what I download, seldomly give out my e-mail address, have never mass forwarded an-mail and delete every e-mail fro
  12. This is a shot of the dock lasy year May1 2006 as a reference. What you guys think? Up or down slightly?
  13. Is room 6-212 the same room used last year?
  14. Sounds like there might be crabs in there also.
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