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  1. the goldeyes are around but no bugs are keeping them in a frenzy try nyphing with copper johns ,red pheasant tails (theos red pheasant) micro leeches ,even tiny blood worms with a bead head , all under an indicator....but they are riseing from 7:30 on at night so maby try using the hopper dropper technique. the smalest dry fly you got that wont sink carrying your nymphs is your best bet . making sure to stay on bottom is key i know it sucks seeing your indicator go down cause youve hooked bottom ...so you think...set your hook every chance you get . also let your nymphs swing to shore at the


    what does everyone think ......from shore......hermitage....or ....beaumont pond?


    hello all ive just moved up from calgary and now living in the river bend area of edmonton ....im new to the north sask so im finding it hard to fish but i have had some luck with the 3 w TFO okuma reel combo catching gold eye only cause there so easy to find.... well not really.....just easy to catch ...ive also set myself up with a 6w and an 8w TFO both with the okuma slv havnt had much luck with the pike yet ...i need some pointers or perhaps a finger to point me in the right direction ...prferably in the river bend area...if anyone can help me out that would be awsome.....tight lines......
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