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  1. Old Hippy Stomper and my other Hippy Stomper
  2. Getting ready for the trip, going to try a new fly. Tyzun may be impressed or not .... lol
  3. My fly is the DNC , it may be a new pattern, have not seen anything like it.....joking.....
  4. Thanks to all that have submitted. Now we need the name of the chromi you will tie, this way we have no duplicates. Seeing there are 8 in the swap tie 8 fly’s unless someone decides to join in. Also bag and tag with material list and name of tier. How about having them at the club April 17. Thanks to all Dan
  5. Marked on calendar as well....
  6. Thanks Peter for all you do for the club, cheers!
  7. Hello all. ‘‘Tis the season to volunteer with tying fly’s. We have a few events coming up in March.. March 9-10 at both Cabelas stores, March 14 -17 Boat and Sportsman Show. Please pm me if you have any interest in helping out. Thanks Dan.
  8. Is there any interest in a fly swap? Choose a chironomid , ty as many as entered in swap ( 10 entered you ty 10 flies of pattern). I will see the interest by the end of February, and have everyone submit flies by mid April. That way we can have the flies for the opening of fishing. Please enter your name in this post with name of chironomid and some info if possible. Happy tying.
  9. Is there 2 Capt pier lakes Neil, I know of the one near Provost.
  10. Sorry for not replying sooner, John caught 1 Goldeye. Was slow water seemed up. Nothing rising.
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