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    Coming To Canada

    Thanks Dave & Dennis. Getting realy excited about coming over. Any one of your fresh water species would be new for me except Brown and rainbow trout. We have a few stocked dams and rivers Nothing big 2kg max sorry 4lb. hooked heaps of saltwater species over 30lb and some well over that but the thought of catching a wild trout from one of your lakes and rivers would be right up there and one to tick off my bucket list. All the best

    Coming To Canada

    Dave R G'day mate thanks for the info will be coming over to Canada for sure and hope to catch up with you guys in June Happy Days

    Coming To Canada

    Hi my name is David Bell I live in Perth Weat Australia I hope to be in Edmonton around June July next year and as I am a very keen fly fisher (saltwater) I am hoping to be able to visit your club and get a little local knowledge on how and where to catch some of your fantastic fresh water fish. I have heard that June /July is a good time to come over. if so what size rods would I need to bring ie: 5wt 8wt and what type of fly lines ie: floating intermediate etc.This is the sort of info I would need to improve my chances. I only practice catch and release. Belly
  4. Vegimite great stuff live on it mate. Kangaroo Fur no problems graet material as good as zonka. as for Koala No chance. protected animal would end up in goal. happy to swap Roo fur for some Polar Bear. you can email me you details davidbell@allassetfinance.com.au
  5. G'day I am a keen fly fiser from Perth West Australia and had the pleasure of fishing with one of your members the other week in Perth. Jerry. regretably Jerry you should have been with us last weekend heaps of fish Tailor to 2kg and a couple of good sized whiting. I am a member of a fly club in Perth established in 2000 called Saltwater Flyrodders of WA web address is http://www.saltwaterflyrodders.com so if any of you guys are heading down this way look us up we are always happy to give information and help to anyone interested in saltwater fly fishing. I look forward to reading your forum Happy days
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