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  1. Did you loose all your Easter rabbits?? I got all the way to Ottawa with my fishing stuff and left my licence at home Later Gator Lauren
  2. Thanks a bunch for the birthday wishes I had a great birthday fishing on Lake Huron, even if my parents out fished me
  3. ouch! well since neither of us can agree we may have to go to Rick and Dennis to actually tell use what really happened! All I can say to Rick and Dennis is remember who brings the goodies
  4. OK here is the real story.... I had 12 fish in the first hour, and Dave had none!!! So I stopped fishing to let him catch up. When I felt he had had enough EXTRA time, I came back into the game, where I caught 20 plus fish in about 15 minutes I think that was too much of a blow for Dave because when we called lunch, Dave didn't stop fishing...which some may call cheating.... and he even did that again at the end of the day. Rick did out fish us all!! and he is still the master and the teacher, who I still have a lot to learn from. Dennis, did well also, and he may have had a l
  5. My guides are VERY good, and are teaching me well!! Bring on the match Dave!!! but watch out, I take no prisoners!
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