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  1. Andy; I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Honestly, the Berland is a better time for me. Lots of those native Athabows (I've caught them to 10", personally) and grayling. See the Bulls, but that means you've tied on a streamer. And then you've already lost. Low water on the Berland where it crosses 40 should be within a month or so. Tight lines.
  2. Bump. Thx, admin, for moving it. andy.
  3. K, Well I don't know if this is the right spot, but I couldn't find another place and didn't want to start my own topic for so small a problem. I need some advice. The problem is this - having put my fly rod away wet, the wooden reel seat has swollen about 1/16". It is a Scott rod, so the seat is fairly precise (or was) to fit the reels. I am wondering if I should start sanding away, force the reel in to push the wood back, or take the darn thing back to Troutfitters. Any advice would be appreciated. andy.
  4. Gosh guys; Sorry to have missed the debacle, erm, Klave. Maybe there's room for teetotalers somewhere else. andy.
  5. Jim; I would suggest the following : 1. Enlist the help of a commercial fisherman with all necessary gear. 2. Construct a boat launch to your little pond. 3. Launch a 35' long-liner and lay one line the length of the pond with powerbait on C-hooks. 4. Bring in your catch; chances are you'll have caught him. Seriously, tho. Floating line w/ 9' standard leader. He'll be tricksy, so make certain you use at least a few (12-18") of good tippet. For flies, if its around all year long, forget about the hatches. Chances are he doesn't feed surface often. I'd guess you should
  6. For Snaring : Take a fly (any streamer should do), and tie it on a spincast. Tie a piece of coat hanger underneath it, wound back on itself to resemble a Breast Cancer Ribbon, or something of the sort. This will keep the fly from getting hung up - the bottom's pretty rocky. Stand under the bridge @ Snaring just before it hits the Athabasca. Cast quarter up and strike everything. An indicator has helped me in the past, but then you have to be using a spinning reel to get the whole damn rig out there. Its a great little stretch right at the campground until the bridge. Tight Lines.
  7. Guys; I'm certain its a moot point now being as how I've missed the bulk of the conversation, but mark me up as another satisfied Maxxum-40 user. It don't push like that 9.9 gas, but I'm thinking it would help if I shortened the shaft a little bit. Its a 30", and I only need 22" to put the prop in 6" of water. Short transomed flat-bottomed. andy.
  8. Okey, I'll try being nice-r this time. The troubling question here is the lack of distinction between stocked and native fisheries. We have mentioned stocked limits being outrageously high (5), and usually abused. As well, the pandemic of additional fish-people grows every year, with someone having mentioned 400,000+ fishing licenses sold. If these 400k people were given maps to all of our favorite holes, rods to use and flies to fish them out with, the regulations' having been set too high would become a little clearer. That is, right now the vast majority of new fishermen and women sti
  9. So. Its been pointed out to me by a helpful fellow user here that in the past (and not only here) my postings have come off a little bit ... erm, well, pushy. I don't mean to be tactless, its just that usually when I do get here, I have a hard enough time organizing my thoughts let alone allowing them to be polite. Apologies all around, but not just for this thread. I'm afraid it will happen again, no matter what I do. Especially if I've been hitting the crack. Crack just makes me mean.
  10. Heh. I'd hate you but you're so beautiful. Anyway. Heading to Swan tomorrow (Fri.) morning if possible. If I can see the lake through the rain. Mostly I just want to play around with my outboard some more.It has to go better than my first outing with it on Saskatoon Lake on Tuesday night. There was only 30-50 ft of open water, and some of it shallow, so I start cutting up and down. Broke off some ice floes, which in turn went under the boat and knocked my outboard off the transom. So the wife has a mental image (no pic, sorry) of me hugging the motor for dear life in 12' of water at
  11. Johann

    FFA Closes

    Its an easy decision for me, personally. And I can't blame Dave for trying. As a businessman ( of sorts, anyway) myself, if I had invested that much time and money into something that had yielded sweet frig-all, it would have been a shorter conversation than 10 yrs to find out whether it would continue or not.
  12. Morph; Just like rats and the sinking ship. I've been over here for a little while now and have enjoyed it. Although they won't let you swear or speak ill of women here. Etiquette and whatnot. Fireworks ? Perfectly legal (See the 2007 Klave thread....) P.S. - Just took the boat out for a few last night. Here's the URL(s) : http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p302/jo.../CIMG0010-1.jpg http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p302/jo...eb/CIMG0009.jpg http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p302/jo...eb/CIMG0015.jpg
  13. Two things : How does their using less oxygen from the lake have anything to do with survival ? Surely the largest de-oxygenator is marine decomposition, not fish breathing. Second : Your "putting fewer fish in" only works if fewer people keep. I don't know about you, but I see stocking as addictive. That is, we stock because the fish (which mostly taste like poo up here....) are being taken home for food by Newfies and the like. Okay, but how do we get the fish numbers back up in a put and take fishery ? Stock heavier. The lakes around here have not come close to their potential for supp
  14. Wow. How do you keep the throngs of fisherpeople away ? lol. To the wives and children, I understand completely. The good news is that my children (I call them children because slaves are illegal...) are feral and live underneath the camper while out and about. They'll come out if you leave your creel a little too close to them, and I would especially suggest giving them their distance during their cleaning ritual. They're kind of ... territorial once they start looking for ticks. I'll be looking to solo it, then. 1 x 24 or 2 ? Edit : BTW, hit Swan this morning. 3 in the belly boat,
  15. Johann

    Online classifieds

    The question is not how much extra we have. We have lots. The question is how much we're willing to part with. If I were looking to buy more, I'd probably post on this kind of forum for some home phone numbers and speak to the wives. They'd pretty much give it all away, given the chance. Anyone wanna give me their home phone numbers ?
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